by Jerry Vines

God's Hello to the Heart
Jerry Vines
Titus 1:14


A. His Identification
B. His Intention


A. Birthright
B. Blessings

The apostle Paul had a way of being with young people. That's a pretty good way to stay young. I heard about a guy who came huffing and puffing up to a service station one day in an old fliver and he said, ''have you seen a bunch of young people come by in a sport's car.'' Yep, you looking for them? He said uh huh, I'm their leader.'' If you want to stay young you just stay around a group of young people. Well, the apostle Paul had a way with being around young people. Paul had a way of winning a young man to Christ and staying with that young man until he became a mature, dedicated servant of the Lord. Now, there was a reason for this. Over in 11 Timothy chapter 2 verse 2, Paul said to young Timothy, the things I have taught unto you, commit thou to faithful men that they also may be able to teach others. As we win young people to Christ, as we teach them the Word of God and grow them, they in turn are able to communicate our faith to the next generation. Two prominent young people in the life of Paul are these young men, Timothy and Titus. It was to them that Paul wrote the pastoral epistles. It was to them that Paul wrote words of encouragement which speak with fresh power and real application to your day and to my day as well. Now, we are going to eavesdrop for a few weeks on this letter which Paul wrote to the young man Titus. Now, we don't know a great deal about Titus.

There are only about thirteen different scripture references to Titus in all of the New Testament. When you take these scripture pieces and put them together, you get something of an idea of the kind of young man Titus was. Obviously Paul had won Titus to faith in Jesus Christ. He calls him mine own son in the common faith. He was a Greek believer and because of that there were some people in the church of Jerusalem who said ...

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