by Jerry Vines

Philippians 4:4-9
Dr. Jerry Vines
We are in the concluding chapter of the book of Philippians.
Only a couple of messages after this study today. I pointed out when we
started the series that Warren Wiersbee has made, I believe, the finest
analysis of the contents of this book I have ever read. He points out
that this is a book about the joyful Christian mind. He shows us that
in each of these chapters there is a thief which would rob us of our joy
and the victory over each one of these thieves is a joyful Christian
In chapter he talks about the thief of circumstances. "The
things which happened unto me have fallen out unto the furtherance of
the gospel." Circumstances rob us of joy. But in that chapter our mind
is to be upon Jesus and the gospel.
Chapter two talks about people. People can rob us of our joy.
He points out that there that we submit to the Lord, become a servant of
others and that wins the victory there.
The third Chapter he talks about things. The things you have;
the things you don't have. Things can rob you of your joy. In that
chapter he points out that we have victory when we learn to look at
things from a heavenly point of view.
In chapter four he is going to put it all together. In this
section of Scripture he is going to talk about worry. Worry is a
combination of wrong thinking and feeling about circumstances, people
and things. He shows us how to win over worry. If you ever have a
difficult with worry the Lord has these verses especially for you.
The subject of worry is laid before us in these verses but also
a spiritual commodity which everyone of us needs is found in these
verses. I'm referring to personal peace. In these verses the Lord lays
before us the spiritual commodity of peace of heart.
Notice in verse 7 it talks about the peace of God. Every person
wants to have personal peace and yet there are few people in the world
who really know what it is to have peace of mind a ...

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