by Jerry Vines

Philippians 3:10,11
Dr. Jerry Vines
Sometimes the meeting of a person will change your life forever.
Did you hear on the news they are getting up some sod from Jimmy
Carter's place to sell it in order to raise some money for a school in
Plains, Georgia. If Jimmy Carter was any other person that sod wouldn't
be very valuable, but the fact that he's been the president of the
United States of America adds importance and value to it. Early on,
when he was running for president, in one of the books he wrote he told
the story of his meeting of the great naval admiral Rickover. He says
that the meeting of Rickover was an experience that changed his life
forever. The meeting of that man changed his life, formed his life and
gave a sense of purpose and direction to his life. Sometimes that's
true, isn't it. Meeting a person and your life never, ever again is the
There came a time in the life of the Apostle Paul when he was on
the road to Damascus. He was on the way to persecute the followers of
the Lord Jesus Christ and something life-changing happened to the
Apostle Paul. He was smitten into the dust as he saw a light above the
brightness of the sun and he said "who art thou, Lord" and the person
replied, "I am Jesus." That day Paul came to know Jesus Christ in a
personal kind of way. It is possible to know about Jesus Christ and yet
not really know Jesus Christ in a personal kind of way. You may know
about many famous people. You may know about George Bush, but you may
have never met him in a personal way. You may know about some famous
athletic personality but you do not know them -- you have never had
a personal experience with them. I'm afraid there are many peopie who
have heard about the Lord Jesus Christ. They know details about His
life. They know all these facts and yet they have never come to know
Jesus on a one on one encounter in a personal sort of way. John 17;3
says, "This is life eternal tht they may know thee, the eter ...

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