by Jerry Vines

Epaphroditus: God's Gambler
Philippians 2:25-30
Dr. Jerry Vines
We are pursuing the theme "how to be a happy Christian." I
believe happiness is a choice and I think every Christian can be a happy
Christian if he or she chooses to be one.
In this second chapter one of the keys to happiness we are
learning is that you have to get interested in other people and develop
the servant spirit, the servant mind, the submissive mind, willing to
live your life being wrapped up in the interest of other people. So, we
have in this chapter a series of illustrations. The Lord Jesus is the
great illustration, of course. Then Paul himself becomes an
illustration of it as we see. Last week we talked about a young man
named Timothy. Today we are going to talk about another Christian who
will be very helpful to us in learning how to be a happy person.
Have you noticed as you go through the book of Philippians how
Paul is constantly talking about other people and constantly interested
in other people? There was not a selfish bone in the body of this man
paul. Over and over again he just talks about other people. Paul
really lives out what he says in the 4th verse of this chapter when he
said: "Look not every man on his own things, but every man also on the
things of others." He was a living illustration of that truth. He was
constantly thinking about other people. I really believe if you are
going to be a happy person you are going to have to learn to get your
eyes off yourself and get interested and involved in the lives of other
people. Quite frankly, that runs contrary to the current of our
contemporary society. More and more we are becoming an indrawn, self-
centered society. Basically, most of us are just wrapped up in our own
activities and we really don't want to be bothered by anybody else's
activities. Yet, when you study the Bible you will find when the Lord
Jesus came into this world was constantly living His life for other
people. I was rea ...

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