by Jerry Vines

Philippians 2:19-24
Dr. Jerry Vines
We are pursuing a basic theme in our studies of Philippians and
we are talking about how to be a happy person -- how to have joy in your
daily life. Chapter by chapter we are sharing what the Scripture says
about that subject. In Chapter one we've seen that the way to be a
happy person to have a single mind. In other words you are to live your
life for Jesus and the Gospel. Put Jesus first in your life and you are
on your way to having a happy life.
In Chapter two we are talking about our relationships with other
people and how to relate properly to other people. We find there a
servant's spirit or a submissive mind. Several times in chapter two you
will notice the use of the examples of others about how we are to relate
to other people.
The first great example was none other than the Lord Jesus
Himself. "Let this mind be in you," Paul said, "which was also in
Christ Jesus." He used the example of the submissiveness of Jesus
willing to leave heaven and come down to this earth to be our Savior.
The second example is really rather autobiographical. Paul
talks about himself in the next verses. By the example of his own life
he shows that he was willing to be poured out like a drink offering on
top of the sacrifice and the service of the faith of the Philippians.
He was basically saying "I'm ready to die to myself in order that you
might be everything God wants you to be."
Those first two examples can be rather intimidating. The Son of
God- none of us would dare say we can approach the level of the example
of the Son of God. Paul is rather intimidating, too. He is the great
apostle. He is the man who wrote half the books of your New Testament.
His example is rather intimidating, too. I think "I could never live up
to the level of the Apostle Paul. Fortunately, in the rest of the
chapter, Paul is going to give us examples of two other people who had a
submissive spirit who ...

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