by Jerry Vines

Philippians 2: 12,13
Dr. Jerry Vines
These two verses are too important to just pass over and not to
give the attention that they really demand. These two verses are verses
that give us important information about how we can be a happy
Christian. How to live a Christian life in such a way that we will be
victorious and have the joy of the lord in our life everyday. The theme
of these two verses is obeying the Lord. In verse 12 he begins by
saying: "Wherefore my beloved brethren." He is pointing back to what
has previously been said. I think he's connecting the obedience of the
Christian with the obedience of the Lord Jesus. In verse 8 of the
chapter, the Bible says that Christ was obedient unto death, even the
death of the cross. "Wherefore my beloved brethren, you much more are
also to be obedient." I really believe that obedience is one of the keys
to the Christian life. The Bible says to obey is better than sacrifice.
Disobedience can get you in a lot of trouble. If you are disobedient to
your parent when you are a child it can cause all kinds of problems for
you. If you are disobedient to the laws of the land it can cause
problems for us. The Bible says in Romans 5:19 - "Wherefore by the
disobedience of one man (Adam) sin entered into the world. By the
obedience of one many were made righteousness." The disobedience of
Adam brought sin into the world. The ohefipnmo of Jesus Christ has made
it possible for us to be saved and know Jesus Christ as our personal
Savior. The theme here is our learning to obey the Lord.
I L. ~ hor singing a hymn when I was a boy - "Trust and obey,
for there is no other way to be happy in Jesus, but to trust and obey."
I have found that to be true. I have learned if you ride on the old T &
o (trust and obey) railroad-, you will fin& that the journey will be a
lot happier.
Paul says I know you have been obedient in my presence (while I
was with you) now how much more be obedient in ...

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