by Jerry Vines

Dr. Jerry Vines
Philippians 2:5-11

Sometimes the best way to understand spiritual truth
is by illustration rather than by explanation. Someone
has said that a picture is worth a thousand words.
That is certainly true, I believe, as we come to these
verses of Scripture today. As we look at the first
four verses of this chapter you remember that Paul has
made a fervent appeal that we live a life of humility
and submission. In the book of Philippians Paul is
dealing with some of the thieves that rob us of our
joy. In chapter one he talked about the thief of
circumstances and the victory over circumstances is
found in the single mind devoted to Jesus Christ and
to the gospel.

In the second chapter he will be talking about our
relationships with other people. How to deal with
other people and how to keep our relationships with
other people from robbing us of our joy. The solution,
the victory in that matter, is to have a submissive
mind, being willing to serve other people. If you will
make up your mind that you will humble yourself and
live for other people and become a servant to other
people, then it's not difficult to get along with
other people.

So, Paul has made this mighty appeal in the first four
verses that we are to have an attitude of lowliness of
mind and to esteem other people better than ourselves.
Not to look on our own things but to look on the
things of others. Be interested in other people.
That's the great appeal that Paul makes in these

Now, to help us understand it and to make clear and to
put flesh and blood on his appeal he turns to the
example of none other than the Lord Jesus Christ
Himself. In the Lord Jesus Christ and in this
magnificent display of Jesus which is made in these
verses he illustrates for us exactly what he means
when he talks about living a life of submission and
service. This has to be one of the greatest passages
o ...

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