by Jerry Vines

Dr. Jerry Vines
Philippians 2:1-4

I believe that the church at Philippi was the finest
church in all of the New Testament. It was constant
source of joy and excitement and blessing to its
founder, the Apostle Paul. As you read his little
letter to these believers you cannot escape the fact
that joy fills his heart as he thinks about these
particular believers. So, in my mind this particular
church is the finest church in all of the New
Testament. But I want to point out that it was not a
perfect church.

Sometimes when we read these letters written so many
years ago we have a tendency to idealize the
circumstances and to make them what they were not. So,
the church at Philippi, though it was very fine church
was not a perfect church. There are no perfect
churches on the earth. If you ever find one, please
don't join it. It'll not be perfect church anymore. A
church is never intended to be a gallery for the
display of perfect saints, but rather it is school for
the education of imperfect saints. A church is made up
of people just like you and me -- sinners who have
been saved by the grace of God who are trying to grow
and mature and be what God wants us to be. So, don't
look for a perfect church on all of the earth. Keep in
mind that it is made up of sinners saved by the grace
of God, trying to grow in the Lord.

When you read these four little chapters you will find
when you get to the fourth chapter that there is a
little problem in this church. There is a slight flaw
that emerges in the unity of these believers. So,
Paul, very tactfully and lovingly, begins to deal with
the problem in the church in the second chapter. We
will discover later on what the problem is - there are
some folks in the church who are not getting along.
They are having some problems with one another. Many
of the problems that you and I experience in life and
in our lives as Christians are ...

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