by Jerry Vines

Philippians 1:l1,2
Dr. Jerry Vines
In 1900 a group did a survey asking a group of individuals how
many things in 1900 they had to have in order to be happy. In 1900 they
put down 72 things. Fifty years later the same group did the same
survey. They asked the same question - how many things to you have to
have to be happy and 1950 people said 496 things. I wonder if the same
survey were taken in 1991 how many things people would say they had to
have in order to be happy. It is obvious that many people have the idea
that in order to be a happy person there are certain things that you
absolutely have to have. There are other people who understand that in
order to be happy you have to have right relationships with individuals.
If you know how to get along with individuals, your companion, your
family, the people you work with that will go a long way toward making
you happy. If I could somehow write a book guaranteeing people to be
happy I'd sell millions and millions of copies. Everybody is
desperately looking for happiness. All of us are in the mad pursuit for
life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. I do not think it is a
wrong desire of a wrong goal in order to be a happy person. I think God
wants people to be happy. Several years ago I read a book by a fine,
Christian psychiatrist entitled, Happiness is a Choice. I think that is
certainly true. If a person is to be happy there are certain decisions
that have to be made. God has already written a book on the subject of
how to be a happy person. Right here in your bible God has given us a
book which can well be described as God's happy Book. Unfortunately
most of the people of the world do not even know this book exists. They
go in and out of bookstores trying to find a book on happiness. They
take tranquilizers by the fistfuls trying to find happiness. They look
to all these things that they can acquire in life trying to find
happiness. Yet, God has put in the pag ...

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