by Eddie Snipes

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True Faith (3 of 9)
Series: Stop Trying to Fix Yourself
Eddie Snipes
Romans 12:3

If faith is the victory that overcomes the world, then it is important to understand what faith is. Faith is not making yourself believe. Mark Twain once said, ''Faith is believing something you know isn't true.'' Twain was observing religious superstition, but this isn't faith. Biblical faith is not man's attempt to force himself to believe. It's the heart responding to what God is revealing.

The church hasn't helped clarify the Bible's teaching on faith. Many are led to believe that we have to muster up faith in order to make God act. You may have heard statements like, ''Faith activates God, but fear and doubt activates the devil.''


Do we really think God is a pushbutton genie that will come out of the Bible if we rub it the right way? You cannot activate God, nor can your faith or actions put God or angels in subjection to you. Sharing a Facebook post or typing 'Amen' will not grant you a wish from God. Nor is God displeased when you don't forward a picture of the 'Guilt trip Jesus' that demands you to share a picture or be declared as someone who is ashamed of Christ.

The reason people are so easily tossed by these winds of false doctrine is because they have no firm foundation. God is not a manipulator, nor is He manipulated by man. Faith is not a tool we use, or a force we tap into in order to gain god-like powers.

Faith is the revelation of God to us, with the invitation to put our trust in Him. God unveils His intention, gives us the power to receive and believe, then invites us to submit. Faith doesn't activate God. Faith activates you to enter into the work of the Spirit.

The word of God tells us what God intends for us, when we hear the word, the Spirit reveals truth to us, and then we are given the invitation to believe. The Bible says that faith comes by hearing the word of God. Faith is a gift of the Spirit. Romans 12:3 also affirms thi ...

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