by Jerry Vines

Eternity's Day
II Peter 3:14-18
This is the concluding study in these series in I & II Peter. In these closing verses we
have, what I feel is a very important message about the day of eternity. I want to point out
to you that in II Peter 3, several days are mentioned. For instance, he talks about the last
days in the first part of the chapter. He talks about the day of judgment, he mentions the
day of the Lord and then he talks about the day of God. But in these last verses his theme is
the day of eternity. It is not apparent in the King James Version of your Bible, but in the
last verse of the chapter he says in the last sentence, "To Him (that is to Jesus) be glory
both now and forever, amen." Literally he says to him be glory both now and unto the day of
eternity. That is the literal reading of the last sentence. He is saying to the Lord Jesus,
be glory now in time and to the day of eternity. The Bible has a great deal to say about
eternity. The Bible admonishes us that we are to live our life in time in the light of
eternity. In the book of Eccl. 3:11, the Bible says that God has set eternity in the heart
of man. There is something about us that lets us know that we are born, that we are made,
that we have been created to live forever. The Bible says, indeed that is true. We are going
to be somewhere forever and forever in eternity. A man is foolish who lives his life with
only a reference to time and gives no consideration whatsoever to the dimension of eternity.
Now there was a time when you were itlt. There will- never be a time when you will not be.
When God created the world you were not. When Noah built the ark you were not. When Columbus
discovered America you were not. When Washington prayed at Valley Forge you were not. But
there will never be a time when you will not be. When the stars have burned out of their
sockets you will be. When the sun shines no more you will be. 10,000 years from now you will
be. So, it is very impo ...

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