by Jerry Vines

When God Has His Day
II Peter 3:10-13 -
Sometime when you look at our world and the in-roads Satan seems to be making in it, you
may get the idea that in the final say, the devil is going to win. But I must remind you
that things are not always as they may seem. I heard the story about a country boy who was
dating this girl one night. It was just one of those romantic kinds of nights. The moon
was full, the stars were winking at one another, there was a cool summer breeze blowing
across the porch, and they were sitting in the swing. The crickets were chirping. Down in
the valley, the little country church was having choir practice and the beautiful strains
of the hymns were moving through the valley. Of course the girl loved the beautiful choir
music and she had an appreciation for music. She was just caught up in the wonder of the
music. On the other hand the boy was interested in nature. She was thinking about the beau-
tiful choir music. He was thinking about the crickets chirping. The girl said, "You know,
isn't that beautiful? Isn't that the most beautiful thing you have ever heard?" The boy
said, "Yes, and you know they tell me that they make that sound by rubbing their hind legs
together. You see, friends, things are not always the way they seem. When you look around
in this world, sometimes you get the idea that this indeed is the devil's day. The night
before Jesus was put upon the cross, he said to those who arrested him, "This is your hour
and the power of darkness." I want to remind you that the Bible teaches one day God is going
to have His day. A man, one day went by a ballpark where some little boys were playing ball.
He walked up to one of the little fellows sitting on one side and said, "Well, how's the
game going?" The little boys said, "It's doing pretty well, they are ahead 36 to 0." The
man said, "well my gracious, you'll are going to get beat, aren't you?" The little boy said,
"Oh, no, no. We haven't got into bat yet." ...

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