by Jerry Vines

Why Jesus Hasn't Come Back
II Peter 3:1-9
We have concluded our study of the second chapter and I'm really kind of relieved to get
out of it because it is the chapter where Simon Peter rings the changes on the false
prophets. But now in the third chapter he returns again adressing believers and we know
this because he says in verse 1 'beloved.' Four times in this chapter he uses the word
'beloved' and this lets us know that he is speaking directly to those who are believers
in the Lord Jesus. Also he lets us know in this opening verse of the chapter what his
purpose was in writing this first letter and also his second letter. He says that his
purpose was to'stir up our pure minds by way of remembrance:' Now when he says pure
mind he is saying a mind that is not mixed with false doctrine. He is saying to them,
"I am pursuaded about you that your mind is a pure mind, that you have not been confused
or your mind hasn't been mixed up by the false doctrine of these false teachers." Of
course, I could say that about you today. I believe that your minds are pure in the sense
that you have been consistently taught the truth of the Word of God. I have known Dr.
Lindsay for many years. I knew Dr. Lindsay, Sr. and this Church, through it's history
has had pure doctrine, the pure Word of God. So your minds have been given the truth of
God. In particular have you been taught the truth of the second coming. I don't know
of any truth in all of the Bible that will keep a person's mind in the right direction
and will keep their minds pure as it ought to be as the truth of the second coming. Our
church is a church that has been well taught. We have avoided the false teaching of the
false teachers and false doctrine. But Simon Peter says that our responsibility as pastors
is to constantly keep you stirred up and help you to remember these truths of the coming
again of the Lord. You see, there is a danger when people are well taught in the truth,
that they will ...

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