by Jerry Vines

When the Dogs and the Hogs Go Home
II Peter 2:18-22
After this very lengthy expose of the false teachers, Simon Peter comes to the climax of
the whole matter. In these concluding verses he lets us really know why it is that the
false teachers are what they are. In these verses we find the explanation for what they
believe and for the way they behave. As he has gone through this whole section and has
talked about the false teachers and the things they teach and the way they act, he brings
us to the climax of the matter in these verses when he makes it very clear to us that the
basic problem o f the false teacher is he has never really been born again. He has never
really met Jesus as his Savior and that is the whole bases for the behavior and belief
of the false teacher. You remember, that Simon Peter has been very severe in his de-
nunciation of the false prophets. He has called them just about everything you can call
a person. He has called them ungodly, unjust, cursed children, natural brute beasts.
Before Simon Peter was converted, he was known to use profanity a little bit. I kind of
shutter to think what he might have called them if he hadn't been saved. He has called
them all kinds of things, but now he just reaches a crescendo and says to them that they
are like dogs who have gone back again, they are like hogs. Now the Lord Jesus used similar
terms when he said in Matthew 7:6, "Give not that which is holy to the dogs, neither cast
ye your pearls before the swine lest they trample them under their feet and turn again and
rend you." So in this terminology of using animals to describe the false prophets. There
is a message from God to our hearts about what it means to really know the Lord Jesus and
how to tell really if you have been born again, if Jesus indeed is your Savior. He shows
us in these concluding verses the utter falseness of the false prophet. I want to glean
from these final verses three basic truths about the false teacher ...

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