by Jerry Vines

Cursed Children
II Peter 2:10-17
Simon Peter has predicted that there will be false teachers who will appear in the last days
before the return of Jesus. We pick up that theme in the middle of verse 10. In these verses
Simon Peter continues his diatribe against the false teachers. I have been studying this
passage for several weeks now and I have come to the conclusion that this is probably the
most severe and the most scathing denunciation in all of the New Testament. The only passage
that comes even close to this passage, in my thinking, is when Jesus pronounced His woes
upon the Pharisees in Matthew 23. In these verses, Simon Peter is absolutely unrelenting in
his condemnation and castigation of the false prophets and teachers. Of course, the question
which comes up in our mind is, why is Simon Peter so wrought up about this matter? Why is
he so severe in his denunciation? if you had taken this material in this second chapter, re-
written it, put it into modern day language, used modern day terminology and published it
in a magazine, people reading that would say that the author was filled with hostility, bitter-
ness and was a very unloving individual. Why has the Spirit of God led Simon Peter to give
such a strong denunciation of the false teachers. Here's the reason: when you tamper with the
Christian message of the Bible; when you misrepresent the Christian life style; then you are
having a part in sending people to hell. There is nothing more severe; there is nothing as
serious; you can do nothing worse than to send somebody else to hell. That's why Simon
Peter is so very concerned about the matter. We are dealing with eternity. We are talking
about people going to heaven or hell when they die. We are talking about God's way of sal-
vation and what the Christian life is all about. Simon Peter realizes there will be attempts
to distory and twist that message, so in the strongest terms he condemns those kinds of
attempts. You will notic ...

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