by Jerry Vines

Religious Phonies
II Peter 2:1-3 +
I think you will find this to be one of the most startling and amazing chapters in all of
the Bible. I know it is one of the hardest chapters in all of the Bible to understand and
to decipher. So you pray that God will helW me as L try to study to get into this chapter
and what God is saying, Chapter 2:1, you remember he has just been talking about holy men
of God who had been used by the Lord to give us the Word of God, to give us the message
of God. So now, in contrast in verse 1, he begins by saying but there were false prophets,
also among the people. I think it is apparent to you as you look at these opening verses,
that Simon Peter is beginning a discussion of false prophets or of false teachers. Prob-
ably there has never been a time in the history of the world when there are as many false
prophets and false teachers and religious charlatans in this day day in which we live. I
was out this week talking to a person in a home and one of the things that we discussed
together was the proliferation of people who are teaching all kinds of religious doctrine.
I look at the religious world today and it reminds me of a zoo, with every size, with
every shape, with every stripe of religious belief. I was talking to Josh McDowell Thursday
night and he said to me that a guy out in California put an ad in the paper, saying that
if you are interested in starting a new religion, then call this number. He said he got
over 300 phone calls and finally it became so bad he had to have his phone number changed.
You see, there is about any kind of teaching you want today. Just about anything anybody
wants to believe, there is somebody who is teaching that particular belief. If you don't
to believe there is a hell, then there's a guy who will come along, knock on your door,
and say guess what, there is no hell. Or if you want to believe that you can live anyway
you want to live, live in open sin, shame and debauc ...

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