by Jerry Vines

A Sure Word In An Unsure World
Jerry Vines
II Peter 1:12-21

Simon Peter writes his second letter in order to
expose false teachers and false doctrine. Before he
deals specifically with that subject in Chapter 2, he
takes a little time in Chapter 1 and lets us
understand what the real genuine faith is all about.
The best antidote to error is a strong dose of truth.
So, in chapter 1 he lays before us what our faith is
all about, and he has said to us in the first part of
the chapter that we have obtained a like precious
faith. In this chapter, he discusses the ingredients
of that essential faith, and he talks about the matter
of our salvation in the first part of the chapter; and
then in the second part of the chapter he talks about
our Bible, the Word of God, and the place of the
Scriptures in our daily lives.

Now, in this first half when he talks about our
salvation. He talks about God's part -- the fact that
God, by His power, has given us everything we need for
life and godliness. He said that we have, by the
exceeding great promises of God, become partakers of
the divine nature. But now, in the second chapter he
turns to a great discussion about the Scriptures. The
role of the Scriptures, the place of the Bible in the
life of the believer.

Now notice in the 19th verse of these Scriptures, he
says the Bible is like a light that shines in a dark
place. It is interesting to notice there how Simon
Peter describes the world in which he was living. He
said that the world was a dark place. The word, dark,
really is a word that means squalid or murky. It is
the picture of a filth which produces darkness. So he
gives us a picture of the kind of world in which
believers are going to live until Jesus comes. But he
says that the Bible, the Word of God, is like a light
shining in this kind of world. In a world that is
filled with darkness, there is only one light which
will guide men and lead us s ...

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