by Jerry Vines

Jerry Vines
II Peter 1:5-11

This seems to be a day of additives. We are adding
almost everything to everything. There are all
kinds of additives being added to our food today.
There are vitamin additives, which supplement your
diet. There is STP for your car to add a little
kick to your car. There is even Grecian Formula to
add a little color to your hair, and as the
commercial goes only your hairdresser will know for
sure. Well, this morning, in the verses we are
going to study, I want to talk for a little while
about the matter of spiritual additives. You will
notice that Simon Peter says, "Add to your faith,"
then he names seven things. There is a beautiful
balance in the Bible, which I want you to see in
this passage of Scripture.

You remember last Sunday morning we noticed the
fact that Simon Peter said we have everything in
Jesus Christ. He said we have obtained in the Lord
a like precious faith. Then he says that God has
given to us everything that is necessary to life
and to godliness. He has also said that because of
the divine promises we have been made partakers of
the divine nature and in the first five verses of
the chapter he has basically said you have
everything. Everything you need has been given to
you by God. In the fifth verse he says, "Now, give
all diligence (intense effort) to add to your
faith." This is the beautiful balance in Bible
doctrine. For almost every doctrine of the Bible,
there is another doctrine, which balances that
doctrine and makes it possible for you not to go to

So, he has said in the first part of this chapter,
God has done it all, then he flips the coin and
says your part is to do this. Now, we find this in
many areas. I heard about a man who befriended a
very poor young boy and made it possible for the
young man to go to the university and to receive a
magnificent university education. But the
magnanimous gi ...

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