by Jerry Vines

Jude - Lesson Three
Jerry Vines
Jude 1:17-25

This is the third study I'm giving in the book of Jude. I brought one last Wednesday night and one Sunday night. Tonight we are going to give the concluding study. I have said to you that the book of Jude is the classic book in the Bible that has to do with the subject of apostasy. It shows us how the believer is to recognize apostasy when it occurs and to be on the lookout for apostate teachers. Apostasy is any doctrine which departs from the faith which has once and for all been delivered to the saints. An apostate is a person who has professed belief in the things of God, belief in the Lord intellectually, but it never reached his heart and at some point in time he departs from the faith he walks away from that faith. Jude has given us the classic treatment in all of the scripture about the subject of apostasy.

In the opening verses he gives us a word of explanation. He tells us that he started off to write a book on the subject of salvation, but the circumstances require that he exhort them to earnestly contend for the faith which was once for all delivered to the saints. So, he begins this book with an explanation. Then in the main part of the book, he gives us a very careful examination of the character and conduct of the apostate. The most thorough, the most accurate, the most devasting, the most precise description of the apostate, how he lives, what his teaching produces is given to us in this examination which Jude gives to us. Then in the closing verses of the book he gives to us an exhortation as believers to live for the Lord, be faithful to the Word of God, even in days of apostasy. I want us to look at this closing exhortation which is addressed specifically to believers.

You will notice in verse 17 he says, ''But, beloved, remember.'' verse 20: 28 ''But ye, beloved.'' The word, beloved, is one of those love words that God uses in the Bible to describe those who are His own, those who are His b ...

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