by Jerry Vines

Jude - Lesson One
Jerry Vines

In the book of Jude God has given to us a manual to help us be on guard against the apostasy. The Bible predicts that before the Lord Jesus comes again there will be on this earth a period of apostasy. The word, apostasy, is a word that means a falling away, a departure from the faith. The apostle Paul predicted the days of the apostasy. He said there would come in the last days those who would depart from the faith. The word, depart, there is where we get our word apostasy. In order that we would be prepared for these last days, under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, Jude has given us these words of warning. In the first four verses we studied on Wednesday night we saw that there was an explanation on the part of Jude as to why he was called to write this book. He had intended to originally write a book that had to do with the theme of our common salvation, yet the circumstances of his day made it imperative that he deal with the great subject of apostasy. So, in these opening four verses he lays before us the apostates. He shows us something of the kind of departure of the faith of which they will be guilty. Apostasy is any doctrine which departs from the teachings of the Word of God. An apostate is any person who departs from the faith and teaches others to do so. We saw in the first four verses that the apostate is an unsaved man. You will notice he calls them "certain men, ungodly men, destitute of God, having not God." An apostate is a person who has heard the gospel. He has given an intellectual assent to the basic tenets of the gospel and then at some point in time, departs from those doctrines of faith. He got it in his head, but never got it in his heart. You understand that it is not enough to believe something in your head.

The Bible says that with the heart man believeth unto righteousness. I'm afraid there are some people who are going to miss heaven by 18 inches. In their head they believe Jesus Christ is the ...

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