by Jeff Strite

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The Fires of Anger (4 of 4)
Series: Get Over It
Jeff Strite
James 1:19-20

There’s a story about an actor who was playing the part of Christ in a Passion Play.As he carried the cross up the hill a tourist began to heckle him,and make fun of him, and shouted insults at him. Finally, the actor had taken all of it he could take. He threw down his cross, walked over to the tourist… and punched him in the face.

After the play was over, the director told him, ‘‘I know he was a pest, but I can’t condone what you did. Besides, you’re playing the part of Jesus, and Jesus never retaliated. So don’t go doing that again.’’

The actor promised he’d control his temper and that it wouldn’t happen again. But the next day the heckler was back worse than before. He held out longer than before but finally the he exploded and punched him out again.

The director said, ‘‘That’s it. I have to fire you. We just can’t have you behaving this way while playing the part of Jesus.’’

The actor begged, ‘‘Please give me one more chance. I really need this job, and I can handle it if it happens again.’’

So the director decided to give him another chance.

The next day he was carrying his cross up the street again. And sure enough, the heckler was there again. You could tell that the actor was really trying to control himself. He was clinching his fists and grinding his teeth.

Finally, he put down the cross, walked over to the heckler and said,

‘‘I’ll meet you after the resurrection!’’

This is the last in our series about emotions that trouble Christians.
We’ve talked about FEAR, and GUILT and DEPRESSION.
Today, we’re talking about ANGER.

Our passage today says that ‘‘man’s anger does not bring about the righteous life that God desires.’’ I remember it best though from the KJV of this verse:
‘‘the wrath of man worketh not the righteousness of God.’’

Anger is NOT something God wants us to be known for.

Of course, the question is: WHY?
Proverbs 15:18 dec ...

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