by Jerry Vines

Ephesians 6:10-12
Jerry Vines
This is the fifth message in these verses that we are bringing
from these verses on the subject of spiritual warfare. I brought three
messages on the subject of the devil and what the Bible teaches about
the devil. This is the second in two messages on the subject of demons.
In today's newspaper, the Florida Times Union, there was an
article entitled son almost repeats crime of his father. Then it says
demon possession was an act the sister says. This is the account of a
man in Springfield, Mass., who said that he was possessed by demons and
that the demons drove him to repeat the crime of his father who murdered
his mother and committed suicide ten years ago. As the story goes the
man chased his wife into the street, wounded her and then took his own
life. A journalist who has written a book about this man says, "I can't
say it's totally unexpected because this man was either seriously
disturbed or possessed, take your pick. A Roman Catholic priest in the
area said, "The church believes that the devil had taken over." The
article goes on to say that his sister disagrees. She said Maurice was
not poses~s~s, Maurice was arn adLt-r. Sine s-id lie we ot>bsd witI tire
occult. A former reporter from the Boston Herald said about him, having
viewed a video tape of his exorcism - "I saw things that were very hard
to explain." But his sister maintains that many of those things were
things he had produced in order to cause the particular picture.
Robert Baker, a retired psychology professor, who has written on
purported cases of possession said, "Such people often hide guilt behind
the claims of demons" So, you can see by this article that there is
disagreement around the subject of demons - whether or not they exist
and whether or not people indeed are possessed by the demons.
In earlier years, to even talk about the existence of those in
the spirit world that would be called demons w ...

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