by Jerry Vines

Spiritual Warfare: What Are You Wearing to the War?
Jerry Vines
Ephesians 6:10-17

If I counted correctly, four times in that passage of Scripture, the Apostle Paul admonishes us as believers to stand. In verse 11 he says, ''stand against the wiles of the devil.'' In verse 13 - ''that you may be able to withstand and having done all to stand.'' In verse 14 - ''stand therefore.'' Here are urgent imperative commands that God's people be prepared to stands against the forces of evil that will assail.

It is for this reason that Ephesians 6 - these particular verses - are known as the verses that have to do more than any other passage in the Bible with the subject of spiritual warfare. The Bible teaches that the Christian is in a real war.

I was interested that several well-known national figures have said in recent days that in America we are in a culture war. I think this is true. The war in America is going to intensify. We are in a culture war in America, but more important than that and behind that we are also in a spiritual war. The Bible says it is not a war with flesh and blood but rather it is a war with spiritual forces.

Three strategies emerge in these verses which will help us get the victory as we face these formidable foes. Number one we have to analyze our enemy. We took about five messages looking at the enemy and seeing what the Bible says about our spiritual enemy. Our enemy is the devil. People are not our enemy, the devil is our enemy. It is not flesh and blood against which we fight but our enemy is the devil. Our enemy also is his emissaries. So, you have to analyze the enemy. If you are going to be successful in a war you are going to have to know what your enemy is up to. You are going to have to know how they operate, how they carry on their campaign. So we have analyzed our enemy.

The second thing these verses teach us is not only do we analyze our enemy, we utilize our weaponry. We must avail ourselves of the pieces of equipme ...

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