by Jerry Vines

Ephesians 6:12
Jerry Vines
The language of this twelfth verse indicates to us the intensity
of the warfare in which we are engaged. Last Sunday morning Congressman
Cliff Stearns from Ocala was here and at the end of the service he came
to me and in response to something I had said in the message he said,
"Preacher, we are indeed in a cultural war in this country." All
thinking people in America are very well aware that we are in a cultural
war. We are also in a moral war in America; we are in an intellectual
war in America; but we are also in a spiritual war. The language of
verse 12 indicates to us the intensity of that warfare. "For we wrestle
not..." When you see the word, wrestle, there I don't want you to think
about what you see on television. The word used here is not a reference
to the kind of thing that Hulk Hogan and Dusty Rhodes and all of that
gang will do. The language in the original is a very intense language.
It is referring here to hand to hand combat, to that stage in the war
when they are off the chariots, off the horses and are now engaged in
hand to hand combat. It could be a reference also to the kind of
wrestling that was conducted in the Roman Empire in the games of the
empire. So intense was that struggle that when a person won the victory
he would put his hand on the neck of the person he had defeated and the
defeated combatant would have his eyes gouged out. From that day on he
would not be able to see because he had lost the struggle.
So, we see here that we are engaged in hand-to-hand combat. We
are engaged in a struggle that is very intense. He also points out to
us that our warfare, our spiritual struggle is not against flesh and
blood. Sometimes we think it is. The enemy is not the liberals in our
government. The enemy is not the pornography crowd. The enemy is not
the people engaged in the liquor traffic. But we are wrestling against
spiritual powers. We wrestle not agains ...

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