by Jerry Vines

Ephesians 6:10-11
Jerry Vines
This is the second message in a series of messages on the
subject of spiritual warfare. We are spending last Sunday night,
tonight and next Sunday night on the subject of the devil. After that
we will look at verse 12 and talk about the realm of the demonic. We
are trying to get a good picture of our enemy so we will understand what
we are dealing with when it comes to the matter of spiritual warfare.
Then we'll move from our enemy to our armor -- the weaponry God
has provided for believers. Then we'll talk about victory. How we can
have victory over the forces of Satan.
It was interesting to me some months ago to read that Bobby
Bowden, the coach of the Florida State Seminoles, spends time reading
the lives of great generals in military history. It think it's very
significant that he does this because there are many parallels that can
be drawn between the game of football and between military strategy.
My friend, Nick Hider, who is the coach of the Valdosta High
School football team made the statement several years ago that football
is actually controlled violence, controlled fighting. That's really
what it is when you think about it. So, in a lot of ways a football
team follows a strategy. It develops an offense and a defense. One of
the most important aspects of winning a victory in a football game is to
know what the strategy of the opposition is - to know what kiia at p-lays
to expect - to know what kind of game plan they are going to pursue.
It is important in football to know the enemy and to know the attacks of
the enemy. It is also important in military strategy.
Romell, the old desert fox, was one of the great generals of all
military history. He was a general for the German army in World War,
II. When Field Marshall Montgomery of the British forces was getting
ready to engage Romell in the battle in Africa, he studied every thing
he knew to study about Romell. H ...

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