by Jerry Vines

Ephesians 6:1-3
Jerry Vines
An eleven year old boy, in Florida, has sued his parents. He is
living with foster parents at this particular time. His mother and
father are divorced. There is clear and obvious indication that the boy
has experienced abuse and neglect from his parents. So, he is suing to
divorce his parents and he is asking that he be allowed to live with his
foster parents.
This brings before us an area of concern in our nation at this
particular time - the whole area of the welfare and the well-being of
the boys and girls of America. The whole area of child divorce is
something that is brand new. The word doesn't even fit when you use the
word in relation to the parent/child relationship. The word, divorce,
fits when you talk about the husband/wife relationship. It's a new word
and you are going to be seeing it used increasingly in that particular
Having brought that to you attention I want to talk about the
recent experiences and the recent publicity about the Woody Allen
affair. Woody Allen is a movie actor/director. Primarily his movies
have been produced and shown in New York City. New York City is one of
the influence areas in America. What happens in New York City will
filter on down to life in America where you and I live. I have never
seen the films of Woody Allen. I don't go to the movies. I made up my
mind a long time ago I'm not going to pay that crowd to live the way
they live, so they don't get any of my money. I do read about them.
The interesting thing about the Woody Allen affair is that when you read
about the movies of Woody Allen you will find that his movies actually
depict the lifestyle which he himself has chosen. He has been living
for a number of years with an actress named Mia Farrow. Her mother was
a well known actress, Maureen Sullivan. They have been living together
- you get different figures. One article said they had been living
together 16 ...

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