by Zach Terry

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The Building Blocks of Leadership (2 of 7)
Series: Nehemiah
Zach Terry
Nehemiah 2

If you have your copy of God’s Word, I want you to open it to the book of Nehemiah as we step back in time over 2400 years. You might ask - what does a wall in a city have to do with us in 2015? But may I remind you that cities change but principles do not. What made a great leader then, makes a great leader now.

During the 80 years of Nehemiah’s Life:

- Ara-stoph-enes wrote his comedies.
- Hero-do-tus, the Father or History, wrote his history of the Western world.
- Thu-cy-di-des wrote the History of the Peloponnesian war.
- So-crates and Plato were teaching in Athens.

Yet by God’s estimation - the significant event in human history was the rebuilding of the walls of a subservient city in the middle east, under the leadership of a man named Nehemiah.

I want to submit to you that when God weighs the history of OUR generation in the balance it will not be the Steve Jobs, the Nick Sabans, the Donald Trumps that will hold significance - it will be the church members who like Nehemiah said - I will arise and build in my generation for the Glory of God.

Nehemiah provides the most nuanced description of true leadership anywhere in the Bible. Consider this:

1. Nehemiah did no miracles - No movies have been made about Nehemiah. It’s too ordinary. It’s too much like reality TV.

But when you grow up you learn, real life doesn’t work that way. Real life problems demand real life heroes. That’s what I like about Nehemiah - he’s one of us. A regular guy.

2. Nehemiah did not know the future - He had no idea how things were going to go when he told the King his plan. He could get throw in prison. Think about it - he wanted to fortify one of the cities Babylon had destroyed and Persia had occupied.

If, just IF, he was able to get the King to let him take a furlough back to Jerusalem, why does he think the people there would heed is call to rebuild? They ...

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