by Zach Terry

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The Leader’s Personal Life (3 of 7)
Series: Nehemiah
Zach Terry
Nehemiah 2:9-20

INTRODUCTION: Since we are in a series on Leadership. I thought I would take this opportunity to share with you my favorite leadership parable of all time.
It’s about a Canadian Goose. This one goose in particular had decided that flying south was just too much trouble… so he figured he would skip it this year. However as November set in, the Goose had never felt so bad. He thought to himself, ‘‘I need to get out of here!’’. So he began to fly… it was raining that day. Rain began to accumulate on his wings, formed to ice… until he could no longer move them. He realizes he’s about to die. He glides down and makes his landing in a Canadian barn yard.

A cow comes by. Steps over the bird and drops a plop right on the bird. The bird is so discussed and he says, ‘‘I’m freezing to death I’m on my last leg and the last thing that happens to me is this cow drops a plop right on top of me’’.

About 2 minutes later he said, ‘‘You know, It’s warm in here’’. All of a sudden he realizes he’s going to live! The ice melts off his wings! He’s so happy he begins to sing underneath this stuff.

As he singing the barnyard cats comes by and hears him, moves the plop and eats the bird.

There are three morals to this story.

- Not everybody that drops a plop on you is your enemy
- Not everybody that takes that stuff off of you is your friend
- If somebody drops a plop on you keep you mouth shut

INTRODUCTION: What Proverbs is for Wisdom, what the Song of Solomon is for Intimacy in Marriage, what Psalms is for Worship the book of Nehemiah is for Leadership. Nehemiah is beyond a Harvard Level treatise on the essential ingredients of great leadership.

I believe John Maxwell was right - Every does rise and fall on Leadership.

- When a family has great leadership - you can see it in every member of that family, there is a confidence, a peace, a purity in that family that is un ...

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