by Zach Terry

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Momentum (4 of 7)
Series: Nehemiah
Zach Terry
Nehemiah 3

CONTEXT: We’ve seen so far in our study this man Nehemiah working for the King of Persia - Artaxerxes in the citadel at Susa. He held what amounted to a Cabinet position. When one day he received a visit from his brother who had recently returned from Jerusalem. He was greatly anticipating a report because years earlier Ezra and Zerubbabel had led a remnant back to the city to reinstate temple worship. It seemed God was doing what He promised in Deuteronomy - and returning the people and restoring the glory of Israel. Perhaps - he would even send the King of all Kings to deliver Israel once and for all.

But the report was not positive it was very negative. The wall were torn down and the people were in great shame. That began for Nehemiah a period of 4 months of fasting and prayer. He had a bone crushing burden for the city and the people.

Then he had what I call his, ‘‘Popeye Moment’’ He had all he could stand and he couldn’t stand no more. He went before the King in fear and trembling and asked for the freedom to return to Israel and rebuild the walls… and oh yeah, he wanted the King to pay for the rebuilding. Miraculously, the King agreed.

Nehemiah went back to the city, gathered his strength and began an examination of the state of the wall. Then he called all the people together, told them about the favor of the King, drew their attention to the unacceptable state of the city… the he showed them the vision. They were all in!

From there Nehemiah lead an effort to rebuild the walls and refortify the city that took only 52 days, with amateur builders…. they had MOMENTUM.

INTRODUCTION: Any leader knows as John Maxwell says, ‘‘Momentum is a leaders best friend’’.

TRACTOR - Growing up my uncle had an old John Deere Tractor without power steering. I remember my cousins and I would climb up on that tractor and pretend to be driving it. But no matter how hard we tried, we could not s ...

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