by Zach Terry

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Culture Building (6 of 7)
Series: Nehemiah
Zach Terry
Nehemiah 8:1-12:7

INTRODUCTION: Practically all theologians agree on what was the primary events of the old and new testaments.

- The primary event of the OLD testament was the Exodus….without the exodus you wouldn’t have the judge, kings, prophets… none of those things.
- The primary event of the NEW testament was the Resurrection… without the resurrection Peter would have returned to fishing, Paul would have never had the Damascus Road experience. And we would not be here this morning.

Following each of those events God instituted a series of stories they were to tell, traditions they were to keep and celebrations they were to experience as a way to make sure that their culture developed out of the soil of those events.

- For the Exodus he gave Passover to be celebrated annually, the feast of booths went on for days, and certain holy days for them to observe. The throughout the Psalms, and the prophets you see the story of the Exodus being told over and over again. Even in the new testament you see Paul telling the story and Stephen telling the story.

- For the Resurrections we have a story we tell over and over, it’s called the Gospel, we have a tradition we keep it’s called Baptism, and we have a celebration we experience it’s called the Lord’s Table. The early church celebrated the Lord’s table with a Koinonia Feast - or what we call a potluck.

A good leader will fold into his organization certain traditions, stories and celebrations that will reinforce what the organization values.

When this is done well a healthy organizational culture develops. When it is done poorly the organization lack identity, and ultimately division occurs.

- You probably have certain stories that you tell over and over…. you probably told a few over thanksgiving…
- You probably have traditions you practice…. for some of you being here today is one of your traditi ...

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