by Johnny Hunt

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It's a Wisdom Call (3 of 3)
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Johnny Hunt
Proverbs 20:1

INTRODUCTION: I have often told my wife that if I die before her it is my sincere prayer that Jesus would so work in my life the one word she would place on my epithet would be that of others. I really desire to live my life where Jesus is first and then my focus and attention is on others. I realize this takes nothing short than death to self where Jesus and His life through me becomes the priority and passion of daily living. I wish I could say that that is a reality every day but the truth is often times I enthrone self and find myself in deep need of repentance before the day ends. However, may the overwhelming joy of my life be expressed in living for others.

Since becoming a Christ follower it has been my desire to be an example and a model of a believer to those who are around me and certainly to those who are coming behind me. I have a desire to live convictionally in such a way that I would not allow anything that could damage my witness, my walk, my words or the work that the Lord has called and entrusted to me.

I realize that there is a lot of controversy surrounding the subject of the use of alcohol when used responsibly, recreationally, in moderation, etc. My life is one that came from a family of alcohol abuse that later in life I took the same path. Some would feel that with this in my background that I will have a hard time forming a fair biblical view. It's my heart's desire to deal with this subject with a balance of compassion and conviction.

''I will argue against drinking alcohol as a beverage, and I will stand against the liquor industry with every fiber of my being. However, I know that there are those who disagree with me. They may feel they have scripture to support their moderate drinking. I do not have the right, nor does any other Christian, to look down my nose in a judgmental manner toward someone who is struggling to be free, or for one reas ...

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