by Jerry Vines

Ephesians 6:5-9
Jerry Vines
Tonight I want us to take a visit where you do your daily work.
I want us to go to the shopping mall to the store where you work. I
want us to go into the factory where you pursue your daily
responsibilities, I want us to go into the office. I want us to go
into the place where you will be going in the morning. If you have a
job I'm talking about you and where you carry on the responsibilities of
your job. By the way if you have a job you ought to be very thankful
for it. There are some in our fellowship tonight who do not have jobs.
I hope you will be praying for them that God will provide an opportunity
for work. I think every day of our lives we ought to get on our knees
and thank the Lord we have a place where we can work. So, if you have a
job you ought to be thankful for your job, but I want to talk to you
about your job.
One of the things I like about the Bible is how the Bible gets
down to life where it is lived everyday. The Bible is not a book which
does not deal with life, but rather the Bible lays warm, sympathetic
hands upon the cold, stark realities of life. In this particular
section we have been studying the overall context of the section is the
Spirit-filled life.
Look back in the 5th chapter in verse 18 - "Be not drunk with
wine wherein is excess, but be filled with the Spirit." In that context
you have what the Bible says about the husband/wife relationship, about
the parent/child relationship and now about the labor/management
relationship. These verses have to do with the responsibilities of
those who work to their employer and the responsibility of those who are
bosses toward those who work for them. An application to the teaching
of these verses of Scripture tonight would solve every labor/management
problem we face in America.
In the New Testament time the burning social issue was slavery.
When you read the 5th verse the word that ...

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