by Jerry Vines

Jerry Vines
Ephesians 4:20-32

Verse 20 refers back to what has previously been said where the
Apostle Paul has given us a full-length portrait of the lifestyle
of an unbeliever -- what it means to be unsaved.

The message tonight is going to be built around two phrases --
the old man in verse 22 and the phrase, the new man, in verse 24.
Also these verses are built around two verbs. The first verb is
in verse 22-- that you put off. The second one is in verse 24 --
that you put on.

Those are the two focal points of our Bible study tonight. When
the Bible talks about the old man and the new man it is talking
about what we used to be before Jesus saved us, and what we are
now as born again children of God. The old man could be described
as everything we were apart from Jesus Christ. All I was as an
unregenerate son of Adam is included in the little phrase - the
old man.

In Romans 6:6 the Bible says that our old man, that person we
used to be, was crucified with Him. 2,000 years ago when Jesus
died on the cross, our old life with all of its sin, with all of
its guilt was nailed on that tree with Jesus Christ. When Jesus
died Romans 6:6 says we also died. We were crucified with Him.
That's what you call positional truth. In terms of our position
in the Lord Jesus Christ our old man was crucified. There is also
an emphasis on practical truth.

Positionally, we were crucified, the old man died. But how do you
find it? Do you find there are times in your life that the old
man is still very much alive?

Several years ago I was in Lanette, Alabama, and some little boys
were playing across the street in the park there. They were
playing cowboys and they had imaginary horses and imaginary guns
and they were playing back and forth. One boy drew his six-
shooters and shot the other little boy. The boy just fell on the
ground and was rolling and wiggling and kicking. The other boy
st ...

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