by Jerry Vines

Ephesians 4:17-19
Jerry Vines
The emphasis of this section of the book of Ephesians is upon
the daily walk of the believer. Back in chapter 4:1 it says - "The
prisoner of the Lord, beseech you that you walk worthy of the calling
wherewith you are called. So, in chapter 4 and 5 he places emphasis
upon the daily lifestyle of the believer and he uses the word, walk, to
make that emphasis. How we are to live day by day. Our walk, our
behavior, our lifestyle.
In talking about the way believers ought to walk, the Lord,
through the Apostle Paul, deals with how lost people walk - the
lifestyle of the unsaved. Back in Ephesians 2:2 he describes the
lifestyle of the unbeliever - "wherein in times past ye walked according
to the course of this world." The life characteristic of the lost
person. He picks that theme up again in verse 17 which we have read
tonight where he says that you, that is, born again believers,
henceforth from this time on, walked not as other Gentiles walked. Then
from that lead-in he begins to deal with a lifestyle that leads an
individual to hell. Some years ago we put out a little tract around here
that was entitled - How To Get To Heaven From Jacksonville. It was a
simple listing of some verses of Scripture that gave God's simple plan
of salvation. It was a tract intended to be just laid somewhere when
you didn't have the opportunity to share in more depth with lost people
about the Lord Jesus Christ. The emphasis of the tract was upon the
fact that it is possible for a person in Jacksonville to go to heaven
when they die. Of course, you understand that not everybody is going to
heaven. I wish it were true that everybody would receive the Lord Jesus
and yet the Bible says they are not going to. It is our responsibility
to present the Gospel to every person. Our mission, our commitment in
Jacksonville is to give every person in Jacksonville an opportunity to
know Jesus as ...

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