by Jerry Vines

Paul's Prison Prayers
Jerry Vines
Ephesians 3:14-21

There are two great prayers given to us by Paul in the letter to the Ephesians. One of those prayers is recorded in the opening chapter, chapter 1. Now, here is the second prayer. The first prayer is a prayer that we may know. In the middle of verse 18, chapter 1, he says "that ye may know." It is a prayer that we may know.

We look now at the third chapter at this great prayer. In the 18th verse of that chapter he prays that we may be able to comprehend. Chapter 1 - a prayer for knowing. Chapter 3 - a prayer for being. He wants us to know what we are in Jesus Christ in chapter 1. In chapter 3 he now wants us to be what we are. It's one thing to know what we are. It is a difficult thing to be what we are. So, this is the great prayer Paul prays.

You will also notice in verse 14 that he picks up what he had started in verse 1. In chapter 3:1 he started off by saying, "for this cause I Paul." Then he took a little detour and talked about the open secret of the church of the Lord Jesus Christ. Now in verse 14 he returns and says, "for this cause." I connect the two because I want to point out that in verse 1 of the chapter Paul says, "for this cause I Paul the prisoner of Jesus Christ for you Gentiles." Paul as you may recall at that particular time was a prisoner incarcerated in a Roman dungeon. He was a prisoner at that time. I believe Paul had chains on 2 his arms. I believe he had shackles on his feet. I believe he was guarded by Roman soldiers. He was a prisoner; he was confined. Yet, when Paul gets ready to pray he says, "I bow my knees." I've often wondered what kind of impression that must have made on those Roman soldiers. Can you imagine what happened to them as he kneeled there. Can you imaging the impact on their hearts as Paul, in chains, lifted himself in prayer to God.

You can't really chain the person who knows how to pray. When Paul prayed he chained that dungeon of the prison into ...

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