by Jerry Vines

Ephesians 2:11-22
Jerry Vines
These particular verses are arranged in some ways like the first
ten verses of the chapter. In the opening verses of chapter two he
talks about what you were in time past, he talks about our past life as
sinners. Then in verse 4 he says, "but God,' and what has happened in
our lives because of the amazing grace of God. In verses 11 to the end
of the chapter begins by pointing what we were in times p~~ asa Gentiles
and then in verse 13 he says "but now in Christ Jesus."
In verses 1-10 he is talking about sinners in general. In
vese ;1 - the end of the chapter he is talking about Gertile si-nners
in particular. He makes the contrast in these verses between Jews who
as a nation were nigh to God and Gentiles who as nations were afar off
from God. You will notice that scene very clearly in verse 17. It
says that Christ came and preached peace to you who were afar off -
Gentiles - and to them that were nigh - jew. So in one way- of sdpkiiT
the Bible presents the Jews as that nation that was near unto God and
the Gentile nations as those nations that were afar off from God.
That means that God had made a sovereign choice of the Jewish
nation to be His chosen people. We know that that is true. The Bible
teaches that the Jewish people are God's chosen people. God is not
through with His chosen people. God is still going to deal with His
nation of Israel - His chosen. But God chose them for a particular
purpose. They were chosen in order to be a channel of blessing to the
world. They were Jehovah's witnesses. The only Jehovah's witnesses
there ever were was the nation of Israel. They were chosen by the Lord
God to be witnesses unto the nations of the world. So, God gave to the
Jewish nation the scriptures; God gave to the jewish nation the promises
of God and all of the covenants. It was through the nation of Israel
that even our Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ came. God intended that the
Jews who were near ...

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