by Jerry Vines

Ephesians 1:15-23
Jerry Vines
This is one of the great prayers in the life of the Apostle
Paul. The Holy Spirit has seen fit to take us into the prayer closet of
Paul and preserve for us in Holy Scripture some of the great prayers
which Paul prayed. As you read the prayers of Paul you will discover
that Paul moves into the very heavenlies as he calls on God in prayer.
It is an amazing, but true fact, that when you and I pray, when we go to
God in prayer whether it be a little prayer closet at home or whether it
be down by our bed or wherever it is when we begin to pray "Our Father"
we are immediately transported into the very presence of God. Isn't
that an astounding thing that you and I, mere creatures -- small specks
on this earth, have the privilege of going into the presence of the God
of this universe and talking to Him in holy prayer.
Keep in mind that when Paul wrote these words he was in a Roman
prison. He was chained to a Roman soldier. His liberty, his movement
was greatly restricted and yet his prayers could not be restricted. I
want to say to these young people sitting here tonight -- though it may
be official policy that there can be no prayer in school, the fact of
the matter is nobody can keep you from praying in school. Yow can talk
to the Lord any time you take a notion. If you have a test you can talk
to the Lord about that test. I would remind you you better study the
night before. Probably won't do much good to pray if you haven't
studied the night before. Nobody really can prevent anybody else from
praying. So, Paul chained with Roman chains, his spirits lifts into the
presence of God as he prays.
Paul called on people to pray for him. I think one of the
things he felt the need of was that others pray for him. So he is
constantly asking people to pray for him. In return Paul was very good
about praying for other people. He talked to God on behalf of others.
One of the things Paul had a way ...

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