by Jerry Vines

Ephesians 1:13-14
Jerry Vines
One of the things we believe the Bible teaches is that there is
one God who reveals Himself in three persons. This is known as the
doctrine of the trinity. The word, trinity, does not occur in the
Bible, but the doctrine of the trinity is taught throughout the Bible.
In the Old Testament you have little glimmers of that truth. In Genesis
1:26 God said "let us make man in our own image." Implication there of
the trinity - one God who reveals Himself in three persons.
When you come to the Great Commission that the Lord Jesus gave
to us in Matt. 28:19 Jesus said, "Baptizing them in the name of the
Father and of the son and of the Holy Spirit." Then again in II Cor.
13:14 there is another verse which makes it clear. "The grace of our
Lord Jesus Christ and the love of God and the communion of the Holy
Spirit be with you all."
There are many other places in the Bible to which we could turn
but these indicate to us that God, though He is one God has revealed
Himself in three persons. I do not understand that. I've said to you
many times I do not understand everything I believe. I do believe God
has given to us certain truths which is beyond the mind of man to be
able to comprehend, but we believe it by faith.
Some illustrations you can use. I am one person, yet in a way I
am three. I am a son to my father. I am a husband to my wife. I am a
father to my children. There is just one of me, yet I have three
different, distinct roles.
Take water as an illustration. Water is one substance, yet we
find water in three forms. There is ice, there is liquid and there is
also steam. These are simple illustrations; they don't really
illustrate adequately enough but the Bible does make it clear there is
one God who has revealed Himself in three persons.
In discussing God's great plan of salvation we have found in
Ephesians 1 that God is active in the great work of salvation and every
person ...

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