by Jerry Vines

Rphgsi;;nR 1:7-12
Jerry Vines
There is a legend that a Saxon prince gave to his princes a gift
of a wonderful silver egg. There was a secret spring, when touched, and
the egg would open up unfolding a golden yolk. There was another secret
spring, when touched, and the yolk would open up and there would emerge
a beautiful golden bird. On the beak of the bird there was a ring which
was the exact size of the princes - an expensive, beautiful, gorgeous
ring. When I heard that tradition I thought about the wonderful truth
of salvation. As you move through these verses of Scripture that talk
about God's great salvation as you touch every verse it's as if the Holy
Spirit opens up wonderful truth about salvation and shows us more and
more glory and beauty in salvation.
I've been preaching the Gospel for 38 years. I have never been
more excited and thrilled about the salvation that God offers lost
people in Jesus Christ than I am tonight. When you consider what the
Bible says - God gives to sinful men in the person of the Lord Jesus
Christ - is glorious beyond compare.
The verses we are studying tonight really are a part of the
longest sentence in all of the Bible. In that sentence beginning verse
3 - 14 we have the work of the trinity in salvation. In the first
verses we have the work of God the Father who purposed our salvation.
In the verses we will study tonight the work of God the Son who
purchased our salvation. Then we will take a look at the work of God
the Holy Spirit who presents our salvation. The Lord Jesus Christ had
many titles when He came on this earth. I think the most beautiful of
them all is the title, Savior. I have a book in my library written by a
man that gives a devotion for every day of the year. 365 days out of
the year he takes a title in the Bible about the Lord Jesus and writes a
devotional. I think of all the beautiful titles of our Lord, the most
beautiful title to me is that Jesus is calle ...

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