by Jerry Vines

Ephesians 1:3-6
Jerry Vines
In your English text there are probably some periods along the
way in verses 3-14, but in the original text actually verses 3-14 are
one single sentence. It is the longest sentence in all of the Bible.
It's as if Paul, beginning to think about the wonderful salvation which
God has bestowed upon us, gets so caught up and so thrilled that he is
not able to stop. Kind of like a little boy who was asked to spell
banana. He said, "I can spell it, but I can't stop - b;nanannq.
Paul thinks about this wonderful salvation and he beings in
eternity past and goes all the way to eternity future. He begins with
man's guilt and goes through God's grace and concludes with glory. So,
in these verses God lays before us the wonderful salvation that we enjoy
in the Lord Jesus Christ.
There is a little phrase that occurs three times in these verses
- to the praise of the glory of His grace - verse 6. That we should be
to the praise of his glory who first trusted Christ - verse 12. Verse
14 - unto the praise of the glory. That little phrase has two
purposes. One purpose is to remind us that salvation ultimately brings
great glory unto God. When you think about salvation and all that God
has done to make it possible for us to be saved, the ultimate result of
the human expression is "to God be the praise and to God be the glory."
The second reason for this phrase is to mark off for us the
particular work of every person of the godhead in our salvation. We
know the Bible teaches us that God is one God and yet God reveals
Himself in three persons - God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy
Spirit. In the use of this little phrase the Holy Spirit divides for us
the three-fold aspect of the godhead in the work of salvation.
First, of all we see that salvation is purposed by God the
Father. Secondly, we see that salvation has been purchased by God the
Son. Third, salvation has been presented by God the H ...

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