by Jeff Schreve

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What's the Deal, God? (2 of 8)
Series: Roller Coaster - Facing the Ups and Downs of Life
Jeff Schreve
Psalm 73:1-28

If you have your Bible, please turn to Psalm 73. We want to talk about this question: What's the deal, God?

I heard about a kindergarten teacher in the northeast. It was in January, and it was wet and cold. And she had the students go out for recess. And one of the students was trying so hard to get on his rain boots to go out for recess, and he was struggling, so she came to help him. And she had to struggle and struggle and struggle to get his boots on. And with much effort and much pulling, she finally got his boots on. And the little boy said to her, ''Teacher, they're on the wrong feet.'' She looked down and sure as the world they were on the wrong feet. So she struggled and struggled and struggled to get them off. And then she struggled and struggled and struggled to put them back on the right feet. And finally she said, ''Whew, I got that done.'' And he said, ''Teacher, these aren't my boots.'' And she was so exasperated. So she struggled and struggled and struggled and got them off his feet. And then he said to her, ''Teacher, these are my brother's boots. My mom says I have to wear them.'' So she struggles and struggles and pulls and sweats and finally gets them on, and holds her temper, and then she says, ''There.'' She said, ''Now where are your mittens?'' He said, ''I stuffed them in the toes of my boots.'' She's looking for another job. And she was so frustrated, as you can imagine.

Now all of us in the room, we can identify with frustration, with trying to do something and not seeing any success as a result of all your efforts and all your trying and all your struggles. That's in life, in general, but that's also in the Christian life. See, in the Christian life we can get very frustrated at what is going on around us. We can say, ''Hey, God, you know, I am trying and trying and trying to live for You. I am trying to do what' ...

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