by Jeff Schreve

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The Key to Intimacy with God (4 of 8)
Series: Roller Coaster - Facing the Ups and Downs of Life
Jeff Schreve
Psalm 62:1-12

If you have your Bible, please turn to Psalm 62. We're in a series on the Psalms called ''Roller Coaster.'' We're learning how to face the ups and downs of life, and Psalms speaks so much to the ups and the downs of life.

When Debbie and I first got married, we got married in March of 1986, we went on our honeymoon. We actually got two honeymoons. We went to Galveston for a couple of days right after we got married. And then, Debbie had to go back and teach school for one week and then she had Spring Break, so we went on our bigger honeymoon after a week of being married. And after about 3 months of being married, my parents had a condo on Lake Conroe and they gave us the key and said, ''Here! Go to the lake for a little get-away weekend.'' And so I was pretty excited. And so finished up work on Friday and we got our suitcases packed, and we drove out. It was about 45 minutes to get from our apartment to the condo at Lake Conroe. And when we got there, so excited, it dawned on me, I forgot the key. That's a bad feeling when you forgot the key, because it's not like somebody else has the key. This is a condominium and I had to drive all the way back 45 minutes to get the key and drive another 45 minutes. And so the exciting weekend started out a little rocky because Debbie was kind, but she wasn't too nice about her new husband being such a forgetful dope. But you know it's really important to remember the key.

We want to talk today on this subject, ''The Key to Intimacy with God.'' I'm convinced that so many people who truly are born again, they have given their hearts and lives to Christ, they know the Lord, but they don't have a close, intimate relationship with the Lord. There's just some distance there. And, you know, they come to church, and they say their prayers, and they read their Bible, but there's just not the close conne ...

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