by Jerry Vines

I Peter 3:18-22
I want you to listen to my words very closely this morning.
This is a passage of scripture I have been studying for several
weeks now. I told you two weeks ago that I was going to need
at least two weeks time on this passage of scripture. It now
appears now to me that what I really need is about two years time.
And I told Dr. Paige Patterson one day the difference between a
scholar and a pastor. A scholar has a lifetime to come to his
interpretation of a passage of scripture. A pastor has seven
days. He has got to have it between Sunday and Sunday. So here
I come today. I want you to be sure and understand the words I
am going to say. Words don't always mean what you think they
I heard about a guy who walked into the doctor's office one
day. And the receptionist said "could I help you, he said yea I
would like to see the doctor. And she said well, what is your
problem? He said I have got the shingles. Oh, my sit down and
fill out this form right here. So about an half hour later the
nurse came in and said can I help you? And he said I got the
shingles. And she said oh my gracious you come into this little
room right here. And she took his blood pressure and pricked his
finger. And the whole thing you know. And about thirty minutes
later another nurse came in. Said what is your problem, he said
I have got the shingles. She said oh my goodness. Strip off your
shirt, and your undershirt and the doctor will be here in just a
little while. So a little while later the doctor walked in and
he said well, what is your problem? He said I have got the shingles.
He said, where are they? He said, out in the truck, where do you want
them?" So you better listen carefully to my words today. This is
not an easy passage of scripture. And there are going to be some
changes in the way I read these verses of scripture today. And I
feel they are very important. I believe they are more accurately
portray ...

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