Mark 15:42-16: 8
When we started our study of Mark's gospel we began in the first verse of the
first chapter. It says the beginning of the gospel of Jesus Christ, the Son of
God. Mark's purpose is to tell us what the gospel of the Lord Jesus is all
about. Ann Murray sang on the radio, "We sure could use a little good news
today." We are living in a world that is desperately needing to hear some good
news. In Proverbs 25 the Bible says:
As cold water to a thirsty soul, even so is good news from a far
So, the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ is the good news from a far country.
It is the good news from heaven that God has done something about man's
desperate need. God has taken steps to deal with man's sin problem to make it
possible for man to be forgiven, have a wonderful life now and have a happy
forever. So, Mark's gospel comes to these concluding verses and gives us in
crystal clear form the gospel of the Lord Jesus. If somebody should ask you
what the gospel is all about, what would you say to them? The best words I've
ever read to describe what the gospel really means are the words of the
apostle Paul in I Cor. 15. In those verses Paul says, "I declare unto you the
gospel." Then, he gives it to us. Christ died for our sins according to the
Scriptures. He was buried, raised again the third day according to the
Scriptures. So, there are three essential elements of our gospel. There are
three essential ingredients of the good news. If you have never known Jesus
as your Savior in this service, if you have never come to know Christ as your
Savior, I want you to listen very carefully this morning. The message today is
going to give you the three essential ingredients of what our faith is all
about. In these verses Mark sets before us the death, the burial and the
resurrection of Jesus Christ. So, I want us to look at these verses and see
how' they unfold these basic truths of the gospel today. Number one these
verses teil u- ...

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