by Jerry Vines

Sin's D-Day
tiark 15:33-41
of all of the gospel writers, Mark is the one which tells us the time when
Jesus died. He tells us in the 25th verse of this chapter that it was the
third hour when Jesus was crucified. That was about 9 in the morning. Then you
will notice in the 33rd verse it was at the 6th hour that darkness covered the
whole land. That was 12 noon. Then in the 34th verse he tells us that it was
at the 9th hour--3 o'clock in the afternoon--when Jesus cried, "My God, my God
why has thou forsaken me." So as best we are able to determine, Jesus was on
the cross approximately six hours. For three hours man was doing his worse.
For three hours God was doing His best. For three hours sin was doing all it
could. For three hours sin was working to destroy Jesus. For three hours Jesus
was working to destroy sin. A few days ago we observed or commemorated D-Day.
On June 6th, 1944, the allied forces stormed from the beaches of Normandy and
overcame Hitler's army. That was actually the beginning of the end of the
forces of evil which were led by Hitler that day. At the cost of tremendous
sacrifice--at literally the giving of the lives of many thousands of men, D-
Day was a victory day and Hitler was conquered ultimately because of what took
place that day. Two thousand years ago at Calvary's cross there was a
spiritual D-Day. It was sin's D-Day because Jesus stormed the beaches of
hell's portals and on that day Jesus won the battle that ultimately puts away
sin forever. The Bible says that the gospel is, Christ died for our sins
according to the Scriptures. So, what Jesus did these six hours when he was on
the cross has made it possible for you and me to be forgiven of our sin, to be
saved from the penalty of sin, to day by day as we grow, be saved from the
practice of sin and one day ultimately when we get to glory to be saved
from the very presenc-e of sin. I want 'la to look at what happened those hours
when Jesus was on that cross. I ...

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