by Jerry Vines

Who's Who At Calvary
Mlark 15:20-32.
lie come this morning to Calvary. Calvary, the place where man was at
h is Sorse aiict God was at Hiis best. Calvary, the place where all eternity comes
Lo Qh r crossroa3s0a. Calvary, the place where God hacd determi iiecd that all men
. tii: et and kniow HI imt in a saving kind of way. ,,ark calls Calvary
Golmotha, that's the Hebrew word for it and it means the place of the skull.
It seeims to have been a very familiar place. Some place that all the people of
Jerusaleim would immediately know. It was located outside the city gates of
Jerusalem, probably approximately a mile from where Jesus was condemned to
die. So, Jesus was crucified on a hill called Calvary, Golgotha, the place of
a skull. Man's intellect says that the cross is foolishness. But, God says
that the cross is an expression of His wisdom and of His power. Have you
noticed as you read the story of the cross of Jesus in all of the four gospels
that none of the gospel writers really describe the crucifixion. There are no
details given about the nails driven in his hands. There is really very little
description of wh-at actua_-ly took place when Jesus was crucified at Calvary.
It's as if the gospel writers just drew a curtain over the scene because it
was too sacred for the gaping eyes of men to see. Rather, we are given the
events that take place around the cross. We are allowed to look at the men and
tne groups of people who were represented there. There is very little detail
about the cross of Jesus so far as what Ile personally experienced. So, when
you come to Calvary, when you come to Golgotha, what do you think about? When
I think of Calvary, several things come to my mind. First of all I think
I. The Pathway To The Cross.
It was called the via dolorosa, the way of sorrow, probably about a mile in
length was the path that Jesus walked when he went out to be crucified at
Calvary. Actually the pathway of the cross was much long ...

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