by Jerry Vines

Guilty of Love in the Pirst Degree
Mark 14:53-65; 15:1-20
We come now to the trial of the Lord Jesus Christ, the most famous, far-
reaching trial in all of human history. There have been some famous trials. We
remember the famous Scopes monkey trial in Dayton, Tennessee. Perhaps we
recall the Nuremberg Trials when the war criminals of Germany were brought to
trial. Then, in more recent days there was the trial of Patti Hearst. We
remember when all of these thin-gs took place. Ntn- of these was as famous and
far-reaching as the trial of the Lord Jesus Christ. When Jesus was tried, not
only was he tried before the world, but the world was tried before Jesus. So,
we are going to look today at this trial of the Lord. We are going to see what
God's Word has to say about it_ When you put all of the records together in
the four gospels, you will discover that actually there were two trials of
Jesus. There was a religious trial as He was brought before the religious
leaders of the Jews. Then, there was a civil trial as He was brought before
the political authorities. There were six phases to the trial of Jesus. First
of all, he went to a man named Annas. Annas was the father-law of Caiaphas,
the High Priest. Annas was a wicked old man about seventy years of age. He was
the head of the religious mafia of that day. Annas was the one who was in
charge of the very lucrative business of the temple shops. You remember when
Jesus went in and stopped their money changing and stopped their selling in
the temple, this was the time when the religious leaders determined that they
would put Jesus to death. So, Jesus was brought first of all before Annas.
From there they took the Lord Jesus to Caiaphas who was the High Priest at
that particular time. He was intended to be the spiritual leader of the Jewish
people. It was Caiaphas who once a year would go into the holy of holies and
there would represent the people in the presence of God. So, Jesus was brought

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