by Jerry Vines

DO WHAT YOU CAN Mark 14:1-9 4/29/84
the midst of all of the plotting and the intrigue going on in this chapter,
is lovely, beautiful picture stands out in a special way. Here is a chapter
ere you see human nature at its worse and, yet here is a little picture
iich demonstrates human nature at its very best. Here is a woman who comes
Id expresses her love for the Lord Jesus in a very unusual and magnificent
iy. It was so beautiful and so meaningful to the Lord Jesus that He has
istructed gospel preachers for all of the ages to tell her story until He
Dmes again. Keep in mind that Jesus Christ is very soon going to a cross. He
a just a few hours from the time He will die on the cross for the sins of
ankind. Yet, in the closing hours of his life, the Lord Jesus spends His time
oing to a supper in his honor. The Bible tells us here that twne supper w-es
eld in the house of a man named Simon, the leper. This man had evidently been
ealed by Jesus and he was so grateful and so appreciative to the Lord Jesus
or what He had done for him that he got together a group of his friends and
Lad a supper in honor of Jesus. I think it's a wonderful thing when God's
)eople get together for the purposes of praise and testimony. It's a wonderful
:hing when people who love Jesus get together and talk about Him and talk
ibout Him, fellowship around Him and share Him together. Back where I came
Erom, in the olden days, when I started preaching out in the country, there
were some folks who didn't believe you ought to eat at church. They were agin
that. They didn't like this business of eating at church. It was really kind
of sad that they didn't know their Bibles any better than that because when
you study your Bible carefully you will find that a whole lot of the
fellowship people had with Jesus in the New Testament was around the
suppertable. There is something special and wonderful about God's people
together and celebrating what Jesus has done in their heart a ...

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