by William Wyne

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What God Remembers, We Must Never Forget (1 of 4)
Series: Reasons to Give Thanks
William Wyne
Psalms 103:14

It's said that perhaps the main reason that sometimes persons lose their enthusiasm in life is because they take gratitude for granted. What was once meaningful becomes common? In other words, one can get so accustomed to the goodness of God that His goodness becomes routine.

We can become so focus on praying for the big things and forget to give thanks for the ordinary, small gifts of life.
It’s so easy to forget, we forget not because we are absent minded, we forget because life can be so good, that we take the good for granted. We forget because in so many of us there is a degree of never being fully satisfied. There is an insatiable quest that we have in our spirit as mortals we desire more of what we already have. More of the blessings that we may not be fully enjoying, we live on the level of I want more.

We can so easily forget because we are mortal. In a few more weeks we will be commenting and gripping about the cold, our focus will be inundated on the brink of the wind, the chill of the temperature, and the many flakes that will cover the ground. We will become so gripped by the abundance of snow that we will forget about the warmth of July and August. We will become so consumed about the gray clouds of winter; we will forget about the sunshine of the summer. We can complain so much about what we lack; we take for granted what we have.

But I am so glad that our God does not have those moments of forgetting, and because of that, I have to be intentional in remembering that God does not forget. God remembers, and it what God remembers that should forever keep me grateful to him.
When the Bible says he forgives and forgets our sins, it does not mean that God has forgotten, it means that God has chosen not to bring them up again against us to hold us hostage and to make us feel guilty. It means God decided to focus on where he is leadi ...

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