by Jerry Vines

This little paragraph is a welcome relief. It's like a lovely flower in a
cucumber patch. You remember the Lord JEsus has been doing battle with the
Scribes, the Pharisees, and the Sadducees. They had been a great burden and a
source of misery to his heart, but this little woman becomes a source of great
blessing and of great encouragement to the Lord just before He goes to the
cross of Calvary. As far as I know, in this scene, the Lord Jesus never spoke
any words to her and she never spoke any words to Him. She probably never knew
that Jesus even noticed her. Yet what she did was s0 beautiful and so
meaningful that the Lord has memoralized forever what she did on the pages of
Holy Scripture. She comes and goes across the pages of your Bible. She is
unnamed, she seems to be unnoticed; and yet she has a place in the Bible Hall
of Fame. She has become one of the best known characters in all of the life of
our Lord. She has become the heroine, really, of all of those unnamed and
unnoticed saints of God who keep our churches going. It represents and she
speaks to us today of those who, just because they love Jesus, do the work of
the Lord unselfishly. I want you to notice the contrast between this widow and
the Scribes Jesus dealt with in the verses just before this. The Scribes were
altogether different from this poor little widow woman. They were interested
in wearing the long, flowing robes of honor. She's garbed in the widow's
clothing. They were concerned to receive the great greetings and salutations
in the marketplaces. Probably few people ever spoke to this little widow as
she passed by. When they came to the synagogues and when they went to the
great social gatherings and the parties, they were the objects of honor and
were given the chief places. This poor little widow was probably neglected
when she went to those places. They were interested in all they could get out
of life. She was interested in what ...

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